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OPERATIONAL SUCCESS consulting group

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Excellence & Lean Transformations
  • Supply Chain & Inventory Optimization
  • Factory consolidation, closings & transfers
  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Global Sourcing & Outsourcing
  • Trading from and to China & Europe
  • Quality / Safety / Environmental certifications
  • Restructuring & Re-engineering
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Workforce development
  • M&A - From selection to integration


  • Consumer Goods and Industrial
  • Board Directors, CEO, COO, CIO, SVP, VP
  • USA, Europe, China
  • Public and Private companies
  • Union and Non-Union facilities


Most companies know how to plan, few know how to execute, and very few how to sustain successful execution through time. Companies have significant difficulty connecting the front end of their business (Sales/Marketing/Creative Services) with the back end (Operations/Supply Chain). Companies lack passion on execution and excellence.

To implement Operational Success: Management Leadership, Employee Involvement and Participation, Accountability & Responsibility, Performance Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement. To sustain the wheel of change turning: involve the right stakeholders and create, since inception, a robust "sustain" process.

Competitiveness drives volume growth and volume enables economies of scale. These economies translate into cost reductions, these savings are then invested in innovation and sales growth, and companies become more competitive. This virtuous cycle keep turning, delivering sustainable growth and success.

Companies don't plan to fail; they do fail to plan. Planning is the cornerstone of Operational Success. Unplanned events are extremely disruptive. The plan has to be able to fit one small sheet of paper. Everything starts with a vision, add energy, passion and the right combination of people, process, and technology and you will reach Operational Success.